Lovers of Hate

Weekend in D/FW: ‘Brotherhood,’ ‘Cedar Rapids,’ ‘Lovers of Hate,’ ‘Unknown’ and More

Lovers of Hate
Sometimes it curdles. 'Lovers of Hate' (IFC Films)

As we return slowly to our regular schedule, we are delighted to see several reasons to get out of the house. Listed in order of interest.

Limited engagements and wide openings:

  1. ‘Brotherhood.’ A drama with thrills; a fraternity prank goes very, very wrong. (Angelika Dallas) [My review.]
  2. ‘Cedar Rapids.’ Amusing character study of innocence and insurance. (Angelika Dallas; Cinemark West Plano) [My review.]
  3. ‘Lovers of Hate.’ I’ve missed this one, but it’s described as: “When love curdles, someone still has to eat it.” (Texas Theatre)
  4. ‘Unknown.’ Liam Neeson flies to Berlin, loses his passport, must appear in this movie. (Wide.) [My review.]
  5. ‘I Am Number Four.’ Beautiful teen aliens must fight off ugly older aliens. (Wide.)
  6. ‘Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son.’ Like, not screened for critics. (Wide.)

Special screenings:

  • ‘Dear Pillow.‘ Bryan Poyser’s first feature. (Friday, Texas Theatre)
  • ‘The Room.’ The legend of Tommy Wiseau continues to grow. (Friday and Saturday midnight, Landmark Inwood)
  • ‘Texas Legends Before They Were Legends.’ Short films by Wes Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater and others. (Sunday, Texas Theatre)

Coming up mid-week at the Texas Theatre: ‘Slacker,’ ‘Disco and Atomic War,’ ‘Jules and Jim,’ and ‘House’ (‘Hausu’) !!!