‘Brotherhood’ Thrills and Provokes

Jon Foster and Trevor Morgan test the limits of 'Brotherhood' (Three Folks Pictures)

When I spoke with members of the cast and crew of ‘Brotherhood’ earlier this week, they insisted that they don’t want to be graded on a sliding scale. The question arises because the film was shot in Arlington, where director and co-writer Will Canon grew up.

But ‘Brotherhood’ stands on its own very nicely, thank you very much. In comparison to the other thriller that opens today, the slick studio production ‘Unknown,’ in fact, ‘Brotherhood’ is preferable. For one thing, it doesn’t make your head hurt after you watch it. For another:

The film provides plenty of adrenaline-fueled action, while also asking provocative questions that linger, long after the credits roll.

A bit more:

Even with all the turbulence created during the long, long night — which also involves angry sorority sisters, a doctor with unfortunate timing, and an inexperienced police officer — the action erupts out of the interactions between the characters. Director Will Canon modulates the (mostly) breathless tempo, allowing moments of reflection to trip up the momentum, before resuming the race toward dawn.

You can read my entire review at Red Carpet Crash. I also wrote an article for Cinematical on the film, which includes excerpts from my interview.

‘Brotherhood’ opens today at the Angelika Dallas and is also available nationwide via VOD.