Welcome! Our aim is to showcase the independent film scene in Dallas, focusing primarily on the traditional theatrical experience, while also drawing attention to movies screening via home and mobile video platforms.

Peter A. Martin
Founder / Editor

Peter MartinRaised in Los Angeles repertory movie houses before spending a decade in tiny Manhattan cinemas, Peter Martin has been freely roaming in DFW multiplexes and art houses for most of the 21st Century. He is the founder and editor of Dallas Film Now, and also currently writes about movies for Twitch, Fandango / Movies.com, FrightFest, and others. He has contributed reviews and features to Red Carpet Crash, Pegasus News, Big Fanboy, Cinematical, Aol Moviefone, Mobius Home Video Forum, and A Better Tomorrow. He is a proud member of the Dallas Ft. Worth Film Critics Association and the Online Film Critics Society. Also, he likes chocolate.

Twitter: @peteramartin
Facebook: /peter.martin

Personal site: peteramartin.wordpress.com
Email: peteramartin AT gmail.com


Steve Norwood
Film Critic Emeritus

Steve Norwood is a poet, writer and cineaste living in the Dallas area. He is also the Senior Programmer for the Asian Film Festival of Dallas (or AFFD, on both Facebook and Twitter, and at www.affd.org).

Steve served as lead reviewer and covered film festivals as well as weekly DVD releases for Dallas Film Now from the site’s inception until his appointment as Editor-in-Chief and Head Writer at Red Carpet Crash in August 2010. He is sorely missed.

Twitter: @oldpoet
Facebook: /oldpoet

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