Cedar Rapids

‘Cedar Rapids’ Strands an Innocent Man

Cedar Rapids
John C. Reilly, Ed Helms and Isiah Whitlock Jr. make the funny in 'Cedar Rapids'

The words “insurance” and “innocence” don’t sound like they together in the same sentence, much less an entire movie, but Miguel Arteta’s ‘Cedar Rapids’ features a lead character, played by Ed Helms (‘The Office’), who is defined by those two words.

With its crude humor, abundance of stereotypes, and naive-beyond-belief protagonist, played by Ed Helms, ‘Cedar Rapids’ is as likely to provoke rolled eyeballs as it is to induce belly laughs. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find a seriocomic character study that is refreshing in its sincerity.

. . .

‘Cedar Rapids’ is not a perfectly-realized film; its sense of humor will be too broad for some and too slight for others. Once through the early, spottier patches, though, it really hits its stride and establishes the tone of conviction it needs to succeed, revealing itself as an amusing, affectionate portrait of a man who is ready to change his life.

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The film opens today at Angelika Dallas and Cinemark West Plano. Check showtimes via Google.