Announcement: The First Annual North Texas Film Festival

There exists a phenomenon here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where people are reluctant to puncture their bubble and travel elsewhere. For Dallasites, it’s pretty much anything north of 635, which (apparently) is akin to traveling beyond the White Wall from Game of Thrones. As someone who’s lived and worked at least a county away from both work and/or school since moving to Dallas almost 18 years ago, I never quite understood this division.

Hopefully, the upcoming North Texas Film Festival will entice some people to penetrate their comfortable surroundings and head to the Cinemark West Plano from Thursday September 26, through Sunday, September 29. And if one lives north of 635, then you have no excuse not to embrace the first-ever film fest experience within 10 miles of you.

Comprised of films from several blocks — including horror film premieres and classic retrospectives, the best films from this year’s Dallas International Film Festival and a variety of shorts and experimental works — the North Texas Film Festival showcases something for everyone.

Some highlights include:

The Lodge (2019) — Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s atmospheric horror film starring Riley Keough as a woman experiencing supernatural terrors in a snow-bound cabin.

This World Won’t Break (2019) — One of the fastest-selling tickets at this years’ DIFF, Josh Jordan’s This World Won’t Break details the lonesome road of a Texas bluesman yearning for world-renowned fame.

Mack Wrestles (2019) — Award winning documentary about a transgender wrestler and the hardships he faces in competition.

Poltergeist (1982) — Tobe Hooper’s classic chiller about a family’s encounter with some very angry spirits. Come for the say-along with the little girl, leave terrified no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

Alice Cooper: Live From the Astroturf (2019) — I doubt this presentation will match the exuberance of its DIFF premiere, where the theater became a rollicking party with balloons and giant bouncy balls (plus a post-film Q&A with Alice Cooper band members), but this slice of regional history deserves to be seen on the big screen.

To see the first 15 announced films, purchase tickets and stay up-to-date with breaking news about this event, visit NTXFF. The event will be held at the Cinemark West Plano September 26th-29th. Stay tuned here for reviews and news as the festival unfolds.