The Adjustment Bureau

‘The Adjustment Bureau’ Romantically Tackles Fate

The Adjustment Bureau
Matt Damon romances Emily Blunt in 'The Adjustment Bureau.' (Universal Pictures)

Matt Damon capably steps into the romantic spotlight, paired with Emily Blunt in the very romantic ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’ Based on a story by Philip K. Dick, the film was adapted for the screen and directed by George Nolfi. The result is very pleasing to the mind and very easy on the eyes.

“Moves quickly and lightly, even as it explores the boundaries of love and romance and asks fundamental questions about the meaning of existence. All that is packed neatly into an attractive, glossy thriller.”

You can read my entire review at Red Carpet Crash.

The film opens wide across the Metroplex; check showtimes via Google.

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  1. It packs a little of everything into an entertaining package: love story, mystery, action and discussion about free will and fate. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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