‘Rango’ Rides ‘Em High, Cowboy

The Old West gets a fresh new coat of paint. (Paramount)

I loved this weird little animated movie. Directed by Gore Verbinshi from a script by John Logan, ‘Rango’ pays homage to all the great Westerns of times past (as well as Johnny Depp’s ouevre) and then spins off into wild new territory in fresh and amusing ways.

“Off-beat, charming, and downright refreshing. …

“The difference with ‘Rango’ are the digressions, both visually and in a narrative sense. It’s very much an adventure oriented toward adult viewers, as opposed to a “cartoon” targeted at kids. No question that younger viewers will enjoy the flick, but clearly the filmmakers are mostly concerned with telling a good, sometimes sprawling story than with pleasing the taste of the pre-adolescent set.”

You can read my entire review at Twitch.

The film, highly recommended, is now playing wide across the Metroplex. Check showtimes via Google.