Festival Files: Dallas VideoFest Presents DocuFest Comes To Town This Month

The longest running film festival in the Metroplex will take a final bow later this month. Scheduled from Thursday September 30th until Sunday October 3rd at the Dallas Angelika and Texas Theatre, Dallas VideoFest Presents DocuFest will play host to 55 documentary films and shorts alongside filmmaker Q&A events and opening night/closing night retrospectives and parties.

On his decision to end VideoFest after 34 years, artistic director and founder Bart Weiss said the following: “Personally, it’s sad, and in some ways it’s a relief. Throughout the pandemic, I know alot of people have gone through this questioning of what is it important for me to do?”

Even though the festival itself will no longer carry on, Weiss intends to stay active in the North Texas film industry through his participation with KERA, his own film forays, and continued support within the local film community.

Larger than the various film events themselves, Weiss says he most proud of the legacy given to so many talented filmmakers and artists. “We now have tapes of what is essentially a history of this medium from 1988 to the present. In some cases, some of the filmmakers may not have copies of the films we have.”

To celebrate this last bow in North Texas, reserve the dates and come out to the final Dallas VideoFest. Tickets and schedules can be located here: http://videofest.org

Some highlights of the festival include the following:

Man With A Movie Camera, directed by Dziga Vertov- the 1929 classic film paired with a memorial service for those who’ve passed on in the local film community. Screens as the opening night presentation on Thursday September 30th at the Texas Theatre.

Fireboys, directed by Jakob Hochdoner- a film about incarcerated men in California who fight wildfires as a way to confront and face their crimes. Screens on Friday October 1st at the Dallas Angelika.

In the Director’s Chair Sits a Woman, directed by Smadar Zamir- twenty-six female filmmakers share their experiences behind the camera. Screens on Sunday October 3rd at the Dallas Angelika.

On the Divide, directed by Leah Galant and Maya Cueva- a documentary that tackles the subject of abortion in a heated time of our state’s shameful recent actions. Screens on Saturday October 2nd at the Dallas Angelika.

Everything Is A-OK, directed by Justin Powers- a look at the history of the Dallas punk rock scene as told by those who lived through it. Naturally, its Friday night fare. Screens on Friday October 1st at the Dallas Angelika.

The Art of Directing, directed by Allan Holzman- Independent filmmaker and long time VideoFest participant Allan Holzman wraps up his series on directors and the art of filmmaking with this final film about the creative process. Screens on Friday October 1st at the Dallas Angelika.

Lily Topples the World, directed by Jeremy Workman- Domino toppling, social media influence and personal identity collide for one young woman. Screens on Saturday October 2nd at the Dallas Angelika.