Opening: ‘Drew: The Man Behind the Poster’

Opening in Dallas tomorrow, exclusively at the Texas Theatre, Erik P. Sharkey’s documentary Drew: The Man Behind the Poster considers the life and work of legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan, who is responsible for iconic images for Star WarsRaiders of the Lost ArkBlade RunnerBack to the Future and many more.

Telling the tale through exclusive interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Michael J. Fox, Thomas Jane, Sam Witwer, Frank Darabont, Guillermo del Toro, and many other artists, critics and filmmakers, this film spans the journey of Drew’s early life and career in album cover art through his success as one of the most recognizable and influential movie poster artists of all time, to his most recent ‘post retirement’ life and works of fine art.

Beyond that official synopsis, take a look at a few sample images drawn from the official Drew Struzan Gallery, where you can easily spend of hours, as I did last week when I should have been writing, perusing wonderfully-detailed movie posters that, magically, make you want to see the movie RIGHT THIS MINUTE, even though some of the movies are demonstrably really, really bad. The gallery also has samples of Struzan’s studio work, where his imagination runs wild, and you can buy original art, if your budget allows.

Rather than the more famous posters, I wanted to draw attention to some of his lesser-known work. Click any image above to see it in close-up. Enjoy!

(Article originally published in slightly different form, with different posters, at Twitch.)