Denis Levant in Leos Carax's 'Holy Motors'

Indie Weekend: ‘Holy Motors,’ ‘A Royal Affair,’ ‘The Other Son’

Denis Levant in Leos Carax's 'Holy Motors'
Denis Levant in Leos Carax’s ‘Holy Motors’

What is, in my opinion, the best movie of the year opens this weekend. And, no, it’s not the one with the glittering vampires.

  • Holy Motors will infuriate and/or bore some, no doubt, but I was enchanted, moved, and fascinated by a day in the life of a man hired to play different roles throughout the course of a long day. Consider this episodic fable a comedy, a drama, a farce, a fantasy, a bold and ambitious failure, or the best film of the year. (Landmark Magnolia)
  • A Royal Affair features a starring performance by the great Mads Mikkelsen as a German doctor who becomes personal physician and advisor to the Danish king; complications ensue when he discover that is more sympatico with the Queen, more morally and physically. A historical romance, as they say. (Angelika Dallas)
  • The Other Son sets its tried-and-true story of sons switched at birth in the Middle East, which immediately gives it greater gravity and timeliness than one might otherwise anticipate. Directed by Lorraine Levy. (Angelika Plano)

This may be a good weekend to catch up with other limited releases still playing, or you may wish to indulge your latent Spielberg-mania at the multiplex.

Opening in wide release:

  • Lincoln, the new film by Steven Spielberg, is said to be a talk-fest with a spellbinding performance by Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th President of the United States. Having missed about a dozen press screenings, I have no excuse, but it is Spielberg and it is Day-Lewis, so that makes it pretty much essential viewing in a theater.
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the final installment of the love story between a human teenager and an ancient glittery vampire; if that’s your thing, enjoy! For those who plan to attend in order to support their partner, I’ve heard that the final, violent battle sequence will wake you up.