Sucker Punch

‘Sucker Punch’ Slams Gently Into Fantasy

Sucker Punch
Girls With Guns. And Knives. And Rocket Launchers. (Warner Bros.)

The general critical consensus seems to be that Zack Snyder’s latest film is either an ambitious misfire or a complete train wreck. I fall in the more positive camp, and endeavored to express my reasoning:

“Comic book sensibility” is not a negative term when applied to the filmmaking approach of Zack Snyder. It’s merely a description of his mode of operation, in which he gives as much weight to visuals as to straightforward narrative in expressing his vision of a story.

The softer approach taken in Sucker Punch is marvelously effective as far as the overall flow of the film; you feel less like you’re being thrown around like a sack of potatoes and more like an individual who can engage with the themes that are explored in a tale of five young women seeking a way out from terrible circumstances beyond their control.

And so forth. You can read my entire review at Twitch.

Sucker Punch opens wide across the Metroplex today.