Last Call: ‘Lemmy,’ ‘Night Catches Us,’ ‘White Material,’ ‘Rabbit Hole’ Plus ‘Shock Corridor,’ ‘Suspiria’

"Hurry, driver, the movie's about to start!" Jessica Harper in 'Suspiria' (Blue Underground)

A cornucopia of closers fill the coffers of local cine-maniacs tonight and tomorrow. Add in a couple of special screenings, and I don’t know if you have time to breath between showtimes.

First, the films that are finishing up their limited engagements (links to showtimes included):

  • ‘Lemmy: The Movie.’ Documentary about the Motorhead frontman; our own Steve Norwood called it “a fine example of high-decibel idol worship.” (The Texas Theatre)
  • ‘Night Catches Us.’ Drama about race-torn Philadelphia neighborhood in 1976. (The Texas Theatre)
  • ‘White Material.’ Claire Denis’ latest, about a woman trying to hold on to her family’s plantation. (Angelika Dallas)
  • ‘Rabbit Hole.’ Drama with exquisite performances by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. “Tremendously kind and empathetic,” I wrote in my review. “The acting and the writing are so extraordinary that the film demands attention.” (Angelika Dallas | Angelika Plano)

And the special engagements, each showing one night only:

  • ‘Shock Corridor.’ Sam Fuller’s shocker about a reporter going undercover at a mental institution to investigate a murder and, hopefully, win a Pulitzer Prize. Instead, he starts to lose his mind. (Wednesday night only; The Texas Theatre)
  • ‘Suspiria.’ Dario Argento’s shocker about American ballet dancer Jessica Harper, who transfers to a prestigious European school, only to discover that it’s a hiding place for [SPOILER REDACTED] . (Thursday night only; The Texas Theatre)