DVD Releases: 05/18/10

A nice mix this week:

Extraordinary Measures — Harrison Ford and The Man Furry Vengeance Couldn’t Destroy star in this medical melodrama that seems awfully similar to the 1992 Nolte/Sarandon vehicle Lorenzo’s Oil.

The Messenger — Oren Moverman’s award-winning drama about a pair of U.S. Army Casualty Notification officers (Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson, who was nominated for an Oscar).

Crazy Heart — Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as an aging country singer whose career has faded.  Co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Colin Farrell.

The Girl on the Train — Andre Techine’s tale of a woman who claims to have been the victim of a racial attack.

The Spy Next Door — One of Jackie Chan’s more embarrassing English-language endeavors.  Cute kids, goofy shenanigans, and a watered-down version of the Chan magic.

Oh, and Avatar…yeah, it made some money.