DVD Releases: 04/20/10

Still so tired from the Dallas International Film Festival;  here are your DVD releases for the week:

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Mammoth, directed by Lukas Moodysson, starring Michelle Williams, is about a butterfly effect of events around the world, involving a successful businessman, his surgeon wife and their Filipino nanny.

The Lovely Bones, the much-derided Peter Jackson adaptation of a book a lot of people read, is at least visually impressive and Stanley Tucci gives an Oscar-nominated performance as the bad guy (spoiler!).

The Young Victoria is the kind of film a terrific actress (Emily Blunt) should make after too many supporting roles where she outshines the leading cast.  Note: Prince Albert is apparently never found to be “in the can.”

The Blind Side stars Sandra Bullock as a Southern booster who takes in a homeless dude and makes him part of their family.  Based on a true story, and Bullock won an award recently for her performance.

Old Partner was one of the top documentaries at the 2009 Asian Film Festival of Dallas, and in all seriousness, it’s a terrific little film.  It follows a farmer, his wife and his beloved ox.  A bittersweet examination of progress and aging.