The 2022 Ernie Kovacs Award: Al Franken

Event- The Texas Theatre When- September 22, 2022 at 7:30pm The previous list of performers who’ve been awarded the Ernie Kovacs award from Dallas VideoFest is far reaching. From filmmakers like Terry Gilliam to scribes like Robert Smigel, it’s an event that always promises to expose audiences to unique and prominent voices in the entertainment field. So it’s no surprise that this year’s event presents … Continue reading The 2022 Ernie Kovacs Award: Al Franken

Review: ‘Breaking’

During one scene in Abi Damaris Corbin’s well executed Breaking, a disgruntled veteran (John Boyega) has just taken two bank employees hostage. In the scuffle to understand (and defuse) each other with the police amassing outside, a rattle at the locked front doors sends tensions even higher. It’s just an aloof customer trying to enter the bank, but it makes bank manager Estel (Nicole Beharie) … Continue reading Review: ‘Breaking’

Review: ‘Don’t Make Me Go”

In its relatively young lifespan, Amazon’s movie acquisitions can be described as safe. Ranging from the dramatic young adult/teen offerings to soft-hearted family and romance dramas (with a few psychological horror films thrown into the mix), the slate is confidently middle-of-the-road. It’s a strategy that probably looks good on the bottom line, but doesn’t quite set the avant garde cinematic heart on fire. With that, … Continue reading Review: ‘Don’t Make Me Go”

Review: ‘Emergency’

If asked, I’d have a very hard time placing Emergency, directed by Carey Williams, into a specific category. And that’s a good thing. From it’s solid buzz coming out of this year’s Sundance film festival to its (hopefully) successful purchase onto Amazon streaming services soon, the film is a potent hybrid of buddy comedy, dark humor, and biting social commentary whose seemingly simple idea far … Continue reading Review: ‘Emergency’

Review: ‘Father Stu’

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Wahlberg hinted that he may be considering retirement…. or at least shifting to more optimistic film roles. His latest film, Father Stu, certainly fits that criteria. Just a few steps removed from the type of faith-based films that have become the rage these days, the only thing that sets Father Stu apart is some pretty rowdy language … Continue reading Review: ‘Father Stu’