'3 Dev Adam' at Texas Theatre

Mid-Week Break: Turkish Madness, ‘Towering Inferno’

'3 Dev Adam' at Texas Theatre
‘3 Dev Adam’ at Texas Theatre

Different degrees of trashiness are on display in Dallas tonight.

At 7:30, you can head over to Landmark Magnolia and catch a disaster movie nominated for a Best Picture Oscar — from schlock producer Irwin Allen, no less!. The Towering Inferno, cobbled together from two novels, conjectures a fire in a deluxe skyscraper in San Francisco, playing on legitimate concerns that are still rarely addressed. In the post-9/11 era, this movie plays somewhat differently than it did back in 1974. Paul Newman (as the architect) and Steve McQueen (as the firefighter) lead the all-star cast, which includes William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner, Fred Astaire … and O.J. Simpson!

Later in the evening, head over to the Texas Theatre for the Tuesday Night Trash presentation, this week featuring Turkish madness in the form of TNT034: 3 Dev Adam, one of the legendary schlock-fests that should play well in the upstairs lounge, and that Batman flick plays in 35mm downstairs.