Out on Home Video: ‘Breaking Bad S4,’ ‘The Sting,’ ‘Sea of Love,’ ‘John Carter’

Bryan Cranston in 'Breaking Bad' Season 4 (AMC TV)
Bryan Cranston in ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4 (AMC TV)

Pick of the week:

  • Breaking Bad, Season 4. I came to the show oddly, in that the pilot felt too grungy, off-putting, and disconsolate to capture my attention, and it was only through a friend’s continued recommendation that I sampled a show or two in the midst of Season 3 — and then I realized the error of my ways, and immediately caught up. The characters and plot turns continue to zip and hum and upend as a former high school chemistry teacher / family man continues to become more and more enmeshed in the drug trade. The first three seasons are available on Netflix Instant, so if you have that service, sample the first three episodes to decide if it’s worth your time. The fourth season is rather incredible. And you still have time to catch up; the new season begins on July 15. [A]

Also out today on DVD and/or Blu-ray, with grades and links to reviews (here or at Twitch), as available:

  • Act of Valor. [C-]
  • John Carter. Missed this during theatrical, but very curious due to nature of mixed reviews..
  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. [C]
  • Safe House. Denzel Washington; slightly less curious.
  • Sea of Love. Pacino. Barkin. Goodman. Great script by Richard Price. [B+]
  • The Sting. Newman. Redford. Shaw. Great script by David Ward. [B+]
  • Under African Skies. Well-received doc about Paul Simon.
  • Yellow Submarine. For Beatles completists / fans of 60s animation.