Glenn Close in 'Albert Nobbs'

Indie Weekend: ‘Albert Nobbs’ and ‘The Theatre Bizarre’

Glenn Close in 'Albert Nobbs'
Glenn Close in 'Albert Nobbs'

Two indies of note are opening locally today:

  • ‘Albert Nobbs.‘ The film is a long-gestating passion project for Glenn Close, who first played the role on the stage years ago. She stars as the title character, a woman who has dressed and passed as a man in 19th Century Ireland for years. She says it’s the only way she can secure steady employment, but it becomes clear over the course of the story that she has difficulty connecting with people, whether male or female. She is so withdrawn, keeping her emotions tightly bottled up, that it is equally difficult to fathom what is going on within her head and heart. In contrast, another impersonator (Janet McTeer) is much more outgoing; she has what “Albert Nobbs” wants, if only “Albert” can figure out how to get it for herself. Close is to be admired for creating a strong character, filled with conflicts, but McTeer walks away with the picture, thanks to the brilliance and shading of her controlled emotional displays. (Cinemark Legacy 24 in Plano, Angelika Dallas, Angelika Plano, AMC Grapevine Mills, Harkins Southlake Town Square/Southlake, Movie Tavern at West 7th/Ft. Worth.) Recommended.
  • ‘The Theatre Bizarre.’ A horror anthology with two excellent segments, and others that may test your patience. Overall, however, it’s a good bit of ghoulish fun for gorehounds. (Landmark Inwood; Friday and Saturday, midnight only.) My review at Twitch. Recommended for horror fans.

Opening wide:

  • ‘The Grey.’ Liam Neeson stars as the leader of an oil drilling team that crash lands in the frozen North, smack dab in the territory of a pack of angry, hungry wolves. Though I missed the advance screenings,  word from trusted friends has been solid to good, making this my pick of the new wide releases. Not previewed.
  • ‘Man on a Ledge.’ Sam Worthington stars as the titular character, with Elizabeth Banks as a police negotiator who is assigned to talk him down. It’s perfectly average thriller, with no surprises. My review. Recommended with reservations.
  • ‘One for the Money.’ Katherine Heigl stars as a bail bonds person, in a would-be action / comedy / thriller. The film did not screen in advance for the press, and those who have seen have not been complimentary. Not previewed.