Last Call: ‘Jig,’ ‘Man Who Fell to Earth,’ ‘Another Earth,’ ‘Devil’s Double’

A young dancer practices in 'Jig.'

Last chance to catch these limited theatrical engagements before they end tomorrow, Thursday, September 1:

  • ‘Jig.’ Fine documentary on an Irish dancing competition, revolving around the young people and their parents. (The Texas Theatre.) My review at Twitch. Recommended.
  • ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’ Nicholas Roeg’s science fiction meditation, starring David Bowie. (Angelika Dallas.) Highly recommended.
  • ‘Another Earth.’ Britt Marling and William Mapother star as two fractured people rebuilding their lives under the watchful eye of a mirror planet. (Angelika Dallas.) My interview with Mike Cahill and Britt Marling at Twitch. Recommended.
  • ‘The Devil’s Double.’ Mixed critical reaction, locally, yet all seem to agree that Dominic Cooper gives a powerhouse performance. (Angelika Dallas.) Not previewed.