Indie Weekend: ‘Tree of Life,’ ‘Midnight in Paris,’ ‘People vs. George Lucas’

Opening in Dallas today, Friday, June 3, 2011:

  • ‘The Tree of Life.’ Terrence Malick’s “towering achievement” stars Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain. (Angelika Dallas.) My review at Twitch. Highly recommended.
  • ‘Midnight in Paris.’ Owen Wilson leads a wonderful cast in Woody Allen’s light-hearted yet thoughtful fantasy. (Landmark Magnolia, Angelika Plano.) My review at Twitch. Recommended.
  • ‘The People vs. George Lucas.’ Alexandre Philippe’s documentary takes square aim at a big target and, ultimately, pulls its punches. The outrage is explained well and reasonably, the passion is clear and heartfelt, but Philippe makes so many allowances for Lucas that his argument becomes muddled. Nonetheless, this is required viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in the films that helped define a generation. (Texas Theatre). Recommended.
  • ‘Incendies.’ An intense dramatic mystery, evidently. Directed by Denis Villeneuve. (Angelika Dallas, Angelika Plano.) Not previewed.
  • ‘Jaws.’ A shark gets hungry, people get eaten, and a boat gets the worst of it. With Roy Schneider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfus. Directed by Steven Spielberg. (Landmark Inwood, Friday and Saturday, midnight only.) Recommended.

Wide across the Metroplex:

  • X-Men: First Class.’ Superheroes in the 60s, as presented in a warm, appealing, and dynamic manner by director Matthew Vaughn. (Multiple multiplexes.) My review at Twitch. Recommended.