‘Insidious’: Children and Haunted Things

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as parents with a haunting problem. (FilmDistrict)

The marketing materials give away too much, I fear, but ‘Insidious’ still offers a pretty decent ride on the light-horror merry-go-round.

Josh and Renai are a normal, happily married couple with three children. They joke easily, are still warmly affectionate with one another, and clearly love their boys. So when things start going bump in the night, surely it must be the new house they bought that is haunted, right?

Insidious starts off on the right foot because Josh and Renai are played by Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) and Rose Byrne (TV’s Damages).

You can read my entire review at Pegasus News.

‘Insidious’ opens wide today across the Metroplex.