Inside Job

‘Inside Job’: Don’t Miss Your Second Chance

Inside Job
Talking heads offering insight into the 2008 financial crisis. (Sony Pictures Classics)

On the heels of its nomination for an Academy Award as Best Documentary, Charles Ferguson’s ‘Inside Job’ returns to select theaters today for a limited return engagement,specifically  at AMC Grapevine, Cinemark Denton, and Cinemark 12 in Rockwell. If you’re in Denton or Rockwell, it’s a no brainer, but even if you have to plan a longer trip to Grapevine, it’s worth the time and effort to see this exceptionally fine film in a theater.

For one thing, it will stir your blood, which I hear is healthy.

“As Charles Ferguson argues in his bracing, outraged, essential documentary “Inside Job,” the disaster in waiting can be traced back to the early 1980s. And it could have been avoided.

“Ferguson does a much better [job] of laying out the evidence than can be recounted here. He’s rounded up an impressive number of experts, and done his best to get a few of the culpable parties to sit for interviews.

“The result is a well-paced film that provokes increasing disgust with the financial system that is in place and the politicians that have enabled the system to continue merrily along. Politicians, economists, and financial company executives are walking away rich and smug, while our friends and neighbors are losing their homes and wondering how to feed their families.

You can read my entire review at Red Carpet Crash. ‘Inside Job,’ narrated by Matt Damon, is best experienced in a theater, with other people, so you can share the anger.