DVD Releases for 07/20/10

Well, we’re all over the map this week.  But there’s something fishy about this group:

Cop Out – Kevin Smith tries buddy action, and Seann William Scott steals the show with the only funny moments (and they seem ad-libbed).  Fail?  Flounder.

The Losers – Solid throwaway action flick about a team of renegade soldiers of fortune out to clear their names and catch their nutty nemesis.  Fun.  Chilean Sea Bass.

The Runaways – The Totally True Story of Joan Jett.  Sort of.  Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley?  That alone is worth the rental.  Though Fowley in any capacity is worth watching.  Alright.  Electric Eel.

Mother – Bong Joon-ho’s fantastic drama is one to watch, with a great lead performance (Kim Hye-ja) and a terrific atmosphere combining to make this a film to remember at the end of the year.  Wonderful.  Blowfish.

A Town Called Panic – Another great international treat, this French piece of stop-motion tomfoolery is so much fun, with its story of three toys (a horse, cowboy and indian) that go on a journey to see why their newly-rebuilt home keeps disappearing.  Fantastic!  Bouillabaisse.

STEVE’S CHOICE: Galaxy of Terror – Released under the Roger Corman Cult Classics label, this 1981 delight is a low-grade Alien knockoff that does not disappoint!  With luminaries like Edward Albert, Erin Moran and a young(er) Grace Zabriskie, how can you go wrong?  Schlock gorefest done right!  Excellent.  Red Snapper.