DVD Releases for 07/13/10

Category:  films about people who get into situations and do things.  Here are this week’s DVD highlights:

Greenberg – Ben Stiller plays a guy having a midlife crisis while house-sitting.  Allegedly much funnier and interesting than that sentence sounds.

Chloe – Amanda Seyfried plays a gal who gets involved with an older couple (Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore) having marital issues.  Or are they? Sexier than the phrase “directed by Atom Egoyan” might lead you to believe.

Saint John of Las Vegas – Steve Buscemi is a compulsive gambler trying to break free of the allure of the titular city, where we all know everyone’s a winner.

Artois the Goat – A man endeavors to create the world’s greatest goat cheese while trying to get the love of his life back.  I kid you not.

STEVE’S CHOICE: Terribly Happy – A great little Danish thriller about a cop who is transferred to a distant, deceptively quiet town, only to find himself caught up in all manner of dark deeds.  Don’t miss this film!