Opening: 3/12/10

Wide Releases: We have two reviews of Green Zone coming up, one from yours truly and another by Steve Norwood; it’s our first ‘dueling reviews’ because we reacted differently to the explosive thriller that stars Matt Damon and was directed by Paul Greengrass.

She’s Out of My League looks like another ‘loser improbably gets the beautiful girl’ comedy; Remember Me is a romance with Twilight’s Robert Pattinson that might — I emphasize might — be interesting because it’s directed by Allen Coulter, a veteran of HBO shows such as The Sopranos; and Our Family Wedding is a remake of the fairly recent Death at a Funeral, only with African American actors instead of Caucasians. (I don’t understand why either.)

Limited Release: Jacques Audiard’s prison drama A Prophet has been praised as a searing, tough film; it opens at the Magnolia and Angelika Plano. Police, Adjective is added to the Angelika Dallas lineup; I seem to recall something good about it.

DFN at SXSW: I’m feeling a bit loopy and exhausted after a four-plus hour drive to Austin this evening; I’m fading fast. We don’t officially launch until next month, and plan to really pull out the stops for the Dallas International Film Festival. But I’m here covering SXSW 2010 for Twitch and Cinematical. My Twitter feed is displayed proudly in the right hand column; please don’t take everything I tweet seriously.

I finally upgraded my five-year-old phone to an entry model iPhone and will be testing that out as a festival coverage device. We’ll see how it goes, but there are already reports of coverage issues for AT&T in Austin.

Because of my other commitments, I may not be able to post anything specifically for Dallas Film Now until after I return next week, but I hope to have a review or two that will be exclusive for the site. And I suspect Steve won’t be able to resist posting another review or two, though no promises in his behalf.

Thanks for visiting.