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‘TRON: Legacy’ Serves Up Rocket-Fueled Eye Candy (Review)

TRON: Legacy
Computer Construct: Olivia Wilde

Rocket-fueled eye candy is a good thing in my book. “TRON: Legacy” delivers visual spectacle in abundance. Director Joseph Kosinski, making his feature debut, creates a universe of beautifully-etched stained glass windows. Is it thin on plot, characterization, and common sense? Yes. Do I care? No.

In a perfect world, of course, “TRON: Legacy” would have thrilling visuals as well as a deeply satisfying storyline and characters who come alive despite being computer constructs. The script, credited to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, makes about as much sense as the final season of “Lost,” which is understandable, since Kitsis and Horowitz were writers on that show for several seasons.

Like “Lost,” “TRON: Legacy” is aces at pseudo-profound dialogue that often lands with a thud. Like “Lost,” “Tron: Legacy” features characters whose motivations remain unfathomable mysteries. Like “Lost,” “Tron: Legacy” will either alienate or fascinate.

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