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Last Call: ‘Made in Dagenham’ at Inwood / Angelika Plano, ‘Terribly Happy’ at Texas Theatre

Made in Dagenham
Sally Hawkins makes her last stand. (Sony Pictures Classics)

Last Call is a weekly feature that rounds up films that will be completing their local engagements.

‘Made in Dagenham’ is a fine, sturdy British period drama, but it’s the one that doesn’t feature a member of the royal family who struggles with a speech impediment. ‘Made in Dagenham’ is similar in quality to ‘The King’s Speech,’ featuring a splendid performance by Sally Hawkins as a factory worker in the 1960s who helped bring the issue of “equal pay for equal work” among the sexes to the forefront of labor relations.

As I wrote in my review:

“Sally Hawkins captures the insecurity and building confidence of Rita. She’s a good wife, mother, and worker, but the role of labor leader suits her perfectly, allowing her to come fully into her own. That buoyancy floats “Made in Dagenham” above its historical roots, allowing it to happily inhabit its own dramatic territory. Well done.”

The film ends its local run tomorrow. Final showtimes: Landmark Inwood / Angelika Plano.

In a different European vein, ‘Terribly Happy’ ventures into darker territory.

Steve Norwood described it thusly:

A great little Danish thriller about a cop who is transferred to a distant, deceptively quiet town, only to find himself caught up in all manner of dark deeds.  Don’t miss this film!

‘Terribly Happy’ concludes its local run tomorrow. Final showtimes: Texas Theatre.

DVD Releases for 07/13/10

Category:  films about people who get into situations and do things.  Here are this week’s DVD highlights:

Greenberg – Ben Stiller plays a guy having a midlife crisis while house-sitting.  Allegedly much funnier and interesting than that sentence sounds.

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