Review: Sex and the City 2

'Sex and the City 2'
'Sex and the City 2'

In a word: dreadful. In another word: excruciating.

I entered the theater with an open mind. I’d watched some of the original series more out of inertia than anything else; it came on after The Sopranos and I was too lazy to change the channel. The first movie held no interest for me, but the sequel was intriguing. Was it possible to make a comedy that appeared to extol luxury and the finer things in life when the country (and much of the world) is facing  a financial meltdown?

After all, the Great Depression comforted millions, we are told, by depicting the lives and loves of the rich and famous, creating a fantasy world where the impoverished could get away from their troubles for a couple of hours — assuming, that is, they could afford the price of a ticket. And don’t women deserve strong role models, since male-dominated society has oppressed them with their own masculine fantasies?

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