‘Season of the Witch’: Alas, Poor Knight

Having seen ‘Season of the Witch,’ starring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, and Claire Foy (as the titular witch), all I can say is: “Ouch!” Actually, I had a few more things to say, which I wrote in my review for Twitch Film, beginning thusly: “Some movies are ‘so bad they’re good’ — and then there are the lumbering, ungainly monstrosities that are the films of Dominic Sena. Like a near-sighted brontosaurus whose legs have been broken, SEASON OF THE WITCH joins GONE IN 60 SECONDS and SWORDFISH and WHITEOUT as standard bearers for a certain kind of action picture — … Continue reading ‘Season of the Witch’: Alas, Poor Knight

Weekend in D/FW: ‘Carlos,’ ‘Blue Valentine,’ ‘Somewhere,’ ‘Country Witch’

Only in movie-land, where we decide the best of the year long before the year itself is over, can we declare that the weekend begins on Thursday morning. But we all must plan ahead to squeeze in as much cinematic goodness as possible. Herewith my top 5 picks: ‘Carlos.’ Five hours? Made for television? Bah! It’s still one of the year’s best, according to those who know, detailing the famed Carlos The Jackal and his exploits. (Saturday and Sunday, one showing each day, The Texas Theatre) ‘Blue Valentine.’ Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a married couple experiencing problems. At … Continue reading Weekend in D/FW: ‘Carlos,’ ‘Blue Valentine,’ ‘Somewhere,’ ‘Country Witch’