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Morning News: ‘O.K.C.’ Rebooting Mass Murder as Conspiracy

Oklahoma City bombing
Aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, 1995

‘O.K.C.,’ an independent movie about the Oklahoma City bombings, is moving forward with director Barry Levinson now attached to the project, according to Deadline. The script is being written by Clay Wold, who is basing it on the story of his brother, “a young legal clerk on the defense team of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. The clerk’s determination to expose the truth led to a bigger conspiracy and nearly destroyed the young man.”

April 19 will mark the 16th anniversary of the bombing that killed 168 people. Multiple conspiracy theories have been raised over the years, as detailed as Wikipedia (not, admittedly, the definite source for accuracy in reporting conspiracy theories), while multiple non-fiction accounts have been published investigating, or at least discussing, what happened. (Here’s what a simple search at Amazon turned up).

Levinson, who will soon turn 69, most recently directed Al Pacino in the fact-based ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ for HBO, an acclaimed drama that gave new juice to his career. ‘O.K.C.’ will be produced and financed by Peter Safran and his company. Deadline describes the project as “on a fast track,” which means that if the latest draft of the script meets the expectations of the producers and director, pre-production will begin in earnest, and we could conceivably have another conspiracy movie to stir up emotions by this time next year.