DVD Releases: 05/04/10

Three notable films this week, just not all for the same reasons: Tokyo Sonata, one of 2009’s finest films (domestic or international) is about a family out of sync.  From director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, best known for thrillers like Cure and Pulse/Kairo, this very quiet and intricate domestic drama is powerful and affecting.    Nine should have been great;  it was, at best, something of a … Continue reading DVD Releases: 05/04/10

DVD Releases: 04/20/10

Still so tired from the Dallas International Film Festival;  here are your DVD releases for the week: Mammoth, directed by Lukas Moodysson, starring Michelle Williams, is about a butterfly effect of events around the world, involving a successful businessman, his surgeon wife and their Filipino nanny. The Lovely Bones, the much-derided Peter Jackson adaptation of a book a lot of people read, is at least … Continue reading DVD Releases: 04/20/10