DVD Releases: 05/18/10

A nice mix this week:

Extraordinary Measures — Harrison Ford and The Man Furry Vengeance Couldn’t Destroy star in this medical melodrama that seems awfully similar to the 1992 Nolte/Sarandon vehicle Lorenzo’s Oil.

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DVD Releases: 05/04/10

Three notable films this week, just not all for the same reasons: Tokyo Sonata, one of 2009’s finest films (domestic or international) is about a family out of sync.  From director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, best known for thrillers like Cure and Pulse/Kairo, this very quiet and intricate domestic drama is powerful and affecting.    Nine should have been great;  it was, at best, something of a diversion.   Tetro is the latest from Francis Ford Coppola, whose Youth Without Youth indicated a unique and exciting change of direction in his filmmaking style.  Tetro has a more straightforward story than Youth, but is … Continue reading DVD Releases: 05/04/10

DVD Releases: 04/27/10

Big week, for the fun and serious: The big story this week is not the usual releases, but that Netflix has obtained Andrei Konchalovsky’s Runaway Train, a powerful film based on an Akira Kurosawa story.  With Jon Voight playing the best role of his career, mining the depths of brutal existentialism while teaching young Eric Roberts how to not be a “sucka”, this is one for anybody who loves depth with their action.  A wonderful, hard-to-find film. Milton Glaser:  To Inform & Delight:  an affectionate portrait of the NYC artist by director Wendy Keys. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Terry … Continue reading DVD Releases: 04/27/10

DVD Releases: 04/20/10

Still so tired from the Dallas International Film Festival;  here are your DVD releases for the week: Mammoth, directed by Lukas Moodysson, starring Michelle Williams, is about a butterfly effect of events around the world, involving a successful businessman, his surgeon wife and their Filipino nanny. The Lovely Bones, the much-derided Peter Jackson adaptation of a book a lot of people read, is at least visually impressive and Stanley Tucci gives an Oscar-nominated performance as the bad guy (spoiler!). The Young Victoria is the kind of film a terrific actress (Emily Blunt) should make after too many supporting roles where … Continue reading DVD Releases: 04/20/10