'22 Jump Street'

Review: ’22 Jump Street,’ Good, Silly Fun

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return as police officers who go undercover, this time at a college. Do hijinks ensue? Continue reading Review: ’22 Jump Street,’ Good, Silly Fun

Review: Get Him to the Greek

“Your life’s to-do list must be a baffling document.”

Get Him to the Greek begins with an uproariously bad music video starring Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and his longtime lover Jackie Q (a deliriously skanky Rose Byrne).  So bad is the video with its misbegotten save-the-children-as-self-interest message that it is considered “the worst thing to happen to Africa after war and famine.”  So funny is this opening segment with its rapid-fire visual gags that you have to wonder if the rest of the film can keep that dizzying pace.   The bad news is that Greek ends on a surprisingly sappy note;  the good news is that everything in between is consistently hilarious. Continue reading “Review: Get Him to the Greek”