'Bullhead' (Drafthouse Films)

Out on Home Video: ‘Bullhead,’ ‘The Artist,’ ‘Deliverance,’ and More

Pick of the week: Bullhead. A punishing drama that explores the psyche of a man who was damaged physically in his younger years, and who continues to bear his emotional scars visibly as he travels through the underground drug scene in Europe. As difficult as it is to watch, it’s shot through with streaks of dark visual artistry by first-time feature director and writer Michael … Continue reading Out on Home Video: ‘Bullhead,’ ‘The Artist,’ ‘Deliverance,’ and More

DVD Releases for 6/29/10

Big, diverse batch of films.  We’ll go alphabetically this week: The Crazies – Given it’s dead zone February release date, one would likely think this remake of George Romero’s low-fi Seventies flick didn’t have much going for it.  Turns out, it was a solid, well-made genre piece that made good on all that it promised in its eerie trailer.  Another nice outing by Timothy Olyphant, … Continue reading DVD Releases for 6/29/10