Dallas IFF: Sunday (4/11) – ‘Lovers of Hate,’ ‘Earthling’

I’m considering calling the 2010 Dallas International Film FestivalInternationale!“, spoken with the exclamation point.  It’s still a mouthful, but it’s fun to say.

“There is something special about every kid.”  “Bulls**t!”

A queasy comedy of disdain, Brian Poyser’s Lovers of Hate is about two brothers and the woman they both think they want.  Rudy (Chris Doubek) is so childish and abrasive that he consumes all the good will around him without returning anything of substance.  Sensitive brother Paul (Alex Karpovsky) is a huge success as an author of children’s fantasy novels that mirror Harry Potter right down to the cartoonish dust-cover artwork.  Diana (the delightful Heather Kafka), disgusted with ex Rudy, has recently thrown him out and decides to meet with Paul at his Tahoe resort.  But neither of them is aware that Rudy has accessed Paul’s condo and is the cause of every uncomfortable or unpleasant moment over the course of their weekend.

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Dallas IFF: Saturday (4/10) – ‘No Crossover,’ ‘We Are the Sea,’ ‘American: The Bill Hicks Story,’ ‘The Red Chapel’

DIFF continues strong…

“Allen is the best guy you could want for the 2 hours of the game…for the other 22 hours, you’re going to have grey hair.”

No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson is a deeply personal documentary from director Steve James (Hoop Dreams, Stevie), who reflects on his hometown of Hampton, VA, and the racial divide that occurred following the 1993 arrest of high school “golden child” Iverson.  The star football and basketball player was allegedly involved in a bowling alley brawl that injured several bystanders.  Iverson was sentenced to 15 years, though only served several months at a minimum security “work farm.”

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