Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop

“Sorry about your wall.”   –Tag by “Borf”

L.A. shop owner Thierry Guetta always carried a camera around, persistently filming his family, friends and customers on a daily basis, saying he felt it captured moments on film that could therefore never be forgotten.  When Thierry realized that his cousin was renowned graffiti artist Space Invader (everyone in the graffiti community, it seems, has some form of nom de tag), he followed Invader on numerous missions throughout the city and became caught up in the world of street art.  Soon, he had filmed thousands of hours of artwork and, claiming he was making a documentary, had access to many of the world’s best artists.  There were only two problems with Thierry’s situation:  1) he was unable to track down globally-renowned artist Banksy, who was considered to be the preeminent one of his kind, and 2) it appeared that Thierry wasn’t making a documentary at all, just collecting hundred of boxes of thousands of video cassettes, never bothering to go back and review footage.  Then one day, he got a phone call, and everything changed…depending on who you talk to, perhaps not for the better.

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