Review: ‘Get Duked!’

Even though the young men featured in Ninian Doff’s energetic comedy Get Duked! aren’t the most likeable of characters when we first meet them, they do grow on you. And by the film’s end, their unwitting streaks of dumb luck (and Doff’s wonderfully poised sense of aesthetics) are enough to make us care about them in a manic comedy that’s both gratifying and just broad … Continue reading Review: ‘Get Duked!’

Review: ‘Chemical Hearts’

Based on a novel by Krystal Sutherland and directed by Richard Tanne, Chemical Hearts contains all the trappings of solid teen-fiction fascinations. At the center, there’ s a moody young relationship between two high schoolers whose unstable grasp on life causes lots of tears and swerving emotions. There’s a dark tragedy that haunts one of them. There’s even references to Neruda’s poetry that cites “I … Continue reading Review: ‘Chemical Hearts’