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DVD Releases for 07/20/10

Well, we’re all over the map this week.  But there’s something fishy about this group:

Cop Out – Kevin Smith tries buddy action, and Seann William Scott steals the show with the only funny moments (and they seem ad-libbed).  Fail?  Flounder.

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Review: A Town Called Panic

French, but with the screechy vocals of a certain classic British comedy troupe and the frenetic motion of a small American child with too many toys, A Town Called Panic explodes on the screen in the giddiest ways possible.  Animated through the jerky stop-motion of small action figures, the film supplies a child’s imagination with an adult’s sense of humor and propriety. Continue reading Review: A Town Called Panic

Dallas IFF: Thursday (4/8) – Opening Night, ‘A Town Called Panic’

The 2010 Dallas International Film Festival got off to a rousing start as the Angelika Dallas center was host to multiple showcases (and a few celebrities, too).  Some of the night’s screenings went off without a hitch (see below), while others hit technical snags:  apparently both screen and projection issues marred the presentation of Bill Cunningham New York.  But happy faces and free booze can wear down the hardest hearts, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

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