DVD Releases, 06/22/10

This week, we’ll be sharing with you the foreign title translations of new-to-DVD films: The Maid – “I Love My Job, I Must Break Free!” (Japan) Bluebeard – “Wealthy Aristocrat Has Hair of An Odd Hue” (Lithuania) Remember Me – “Sad Lovers” (Korea) The Last Station – “Tolstoy’s Magical Winter” (Estonia) She’s Out of My League – “My Fantasy Girl Wants Me, But I Am The Nerd” (Italy) Green Zone – “The Dangerous Place Where Tormentors Dwell” (Argentina) Continue reading DVD Releases, 06/22/10

Collapse, DVD Releases 06/15/10

Chris Smith’s one-man documentary Collapse, which can be summed up as dire and immediate, features journalist Michael Ruppert spelling out how fossil fuel use has tied the knot on civilization.  It is the most powerful and frightening film that no one saw last year, and its release on DVD comes quietly, but hopefully will make it more accessible to a public that likes to turn its back on bad news.

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DVD Review: Rampage

“The world we live in?  It’s a joke.  It’s an absolute joke.”

Perhaps there is no more vilified name in cinema than Uwe Boll;  his feature films are placed in the ballpark of Ed Wood, though no one can argue that more effort has gone into Boll’s.  Many of them actually don’t look bad:  if it weren’t for the silly plots, dialogue and mostly third-tier casts, Bloodrayne and In the Name of the King might seem little more than adequate genre knockoffs, no concentrated venom required.  Yet Boll takes his work seriously (as any artist should), and perhaps it is the director’s boisterous attitude that engenders the ire of fan-boy and critic alike.

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DVD Releases 06/08/10

Three big releases this week, but if you want something to prep for The A-Team (opening Friday), the complete TV series releases this week on DVD, as well as UFC’s Rampage: Greatest Hits.  So something for the kids, too.

From Paris with Love – John  Travolta continues his downward spiral with a loud and annoying spy thriller/action flick that was roundly panned upon release.  But hey, what do I know?  I thought Look Who’s Talking would have ended his career.

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DVD Releases: 05/25/10

Some can’t miss material this week:

The Road – the most powerful overlooked film of 2009.  The intensity of Viggo Mortenson and the desperate brutality of Cormac McCarthy, together in one emotionally grueling and yet beautifully filmed piece of cinema.  John Hillcoat (of the equally desperate and powerful The Proposition) directs.

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