Review: ‘Young Plato’

We all have that one teacher that stands out as a guiding figure in our formative years, whether they served as an emotional crutch or a source of newfound knowledge and inspiration. Now imagine that person having to navigate the lives of young boys in Northern Ireland and reconcile that land’s troubled history of violence. That’s the situation Declan McGrath and Neasa Ni Chianain’s documentary … Continue reading Review: ‘Young Plato’

Review: ‘The Good House,’ We All Want to Live There

Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline star in a sobering account of one woman’s reckoning.  By and large, character portraits of older adults have decamped from movie theaters, heading for the friendlier confines of streaming services, where the presumed “target audience” will settle in for a comfortable evening at home, watching stars of yesteryear in movies that can be easily paused, whenever desired.  More’s the pity, … Continue reading Review: ‘The Good House,’ We All Want to Live There

Review: ‘Belfast,’ Snapshots That Resonate 

Where did you grow up? Do you still live in your hometown?  Many were born in this area and have never left. Others of us, including myself, moved here from other parts of the country, while still others fled unsafe regions of the world and have settled in North Texas. Whatever the case, we probably all still yearn to experience fond memories from our youth, … Continue reading Review: ‘Belfast,’ Snapshots That Resonate 

Review: ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business,’ Teachers and Students

Designed and built strictly for family audiences, The Boss Baby: Family Business pumps out a steady stream of jokes, wisecracks, and cultural references in a boldly frank endeavor to appeal to both parents and their pre-teen children (but no real-life babies).  The sequel to The Boss Baby (2017) requires absolutely no knowledge of the first film, since the premise remains the same: babies are far … Continue reading Review: ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business,’ Teachers and Students

Review: ‘The Courier,’ Neck on the Line

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the titular role of a real-life suspense drama that explores the Cuban Missile Crisis from a fresh perspective.  Stern and tight-necked people abound in The Courier, and no wonder! Heightening tensions between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. in 1960 threatened to erupt into another world war, one that might end everything, due to the proliferation of nuclear weapons on both sides of … Continue reading Review: ‘The Courier,’ Neck on the Line